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Math for Nurses 8th Edition PDF

Math for Nurses 8th Edition PDF Free Download

Math for Nurses 8th Edition PDF Free Download

Help your students learn to calculate dosages accurately with this easy-to-use pocket guide.Packed with real clinical examples and practice problems, Math for Nurses includes a review of basic math skills, measurement systems, and drug calculations/preparations, making it ideal for use in clinical settings or as a study aid. The book’s step-by-step approach coupled with frequent examples that illustrate problem-solving helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to calculate dosages effectively and improve the accuracy of drug delivery.

Highlights of the 9th Edition

  • Complete: This is the only dosage calculation pocket reference available today that covers  the steps of drug preparation.
  • Comprehensive: All methods of dosage calculations are used, including ratio, proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis.
  • Hands-on: Practice problems throughout the text and end-of-chapter and end-of-unit review questions aid students’ application and recall of material.
  • Practical: A handy pull-out quick-reference card contains basic equivalents, conversion factors, and math formulas.
  • Interactive: Virtual Chalkboard tutorials (followed by quizzes) solve problems step-by-step using three different methods with a voice over that explains each step.
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