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This is a book that asks, “How do we change?” and answers with “In relation to others.” The relationships I write about here, between therapists and patients, require a sacred trust for any change to occur. In addition to attaining written permission, I have gone to great lengths to disguise identities and any recognizable details, and in some instances, material and scenarios from a few patients have been attributed to one. All changes were carefully considered and painstakingly chosen to remain true to the spirit of each story while also serving the greater goal: to reveal our shared humanity so that we can see ourselves more clearly. Which is to say, if you see yourself in these pages, it’s both coincidental and intentional.
A note on terminology: Those who come to therapy are referred to in various ways, most commonly as patients or clients. I don’t believe that either word quite captures the relationship I have with the people I work with. But the people I work with is awkward, and clients might be confusing, given that term’s many connotations, so for simplicity and clarity, I use patients throughout this book.
Idiots Chart note, John:
Patient reports feeling “stressed out” and states that he is having difficulty sleeping and getting along with his wife. Expresses annoyance with others and seeks help “managing the idiots.”
Have compassion.
Deep breath.
Have compassion, have compassion, have compassion . . .
I’m repeating this phrase in my head like a mantra as the forty-year-old man sitting across from me is telling me about all of the people in his life who are “idiots.” Why, he wants to know, is the world filled with so many idiots? Are they born this way? Do they become this way? Maybe, he muses, it has something to do with all the artificial chemicals that are added to the food we eat nowadays.
“That’s why I try to eat organic,” he says. “So I don’t become an idiot like everyone else.”
I’m losing track of which idiot he’s talking about: the dental hygienist who asks too many questions (“None of them rhetorical”), the coworker who only asks questions (“He never makes statements, because that would imply that he had something to say”), the driver in front of him who stopped at a yellow light (“No sense of urgency!”), the Apple technician at the Genius Bar who couldn’t fix his laptop (“Some genius!”).

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone EPUB Free Download, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone EPUB Ebook Free