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MCQ in Implant Dentistry PDF

MCQ in Implant Dentistry PDF Free Download

MCQ in Implant Dentistry PDF Free Download

The MCQs in Implant Dentistry is a comprehensive review book that covers all aspects of implant dentistry. It uses questions based on real clinical scenarios with extensive answers based on textbooks and modern literature. The reader will gain a broad understanding of the scientific basis of dental implants, treatment planning, identification of high risk occlusal forces, managing cantilevers, applied anatomy, biological aspects of dental implants and bone healing, prosthetic components, impression techniques and materials, bone augmentation techniques, different types of bone grafts, autogenous bone graft techniques, calcium metabolism, suture materials, local anaesthetic drugs, nerve injury, medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw, peri-implantitis and implant protected occlusion.The target audience should be dentists with or without prior experience in dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and even dental nurses. The book will be of particular interest to candidates sitting exams.

  • MCQ in Implant Dentistry PDF Free Download,
  • MCQ in Implant Dentistry Free Ebook,
  • MCQ in Implant Dentistry PDF
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