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Medical Education PDF Free Download

Medical Education PDF Free Download

In this new and extensively updated second edition, theAssociation for the Study of Medical Education presents a completeand authoritative guide to medical education. Written by leadingexperts in the field, Understanding Medical Educationprovides a comprehensive resource of the theoretical and academicbases to modern medical education practice.

This authoritative and accessible reference is designed to meetthe needs of all those working in medical education fromundergraduate education through postgraduate training to continuingprofessional development. As well as providing practicalguidance for clinicians, teachers and researchers, UnderstandingMedical Education will prove an invaluable resource to thosestudying at certificate, diploma or masters level and a first‘port-of-call’ for anyone engaged in medical educationas an academic discipline.

Exploring medical education in all its diversity and containingall you need in one place, Understanding Medical Educationis the ideal reference not only for medical educators, but foranyone involved in the development of healthcare professionals, inwhatever discipline wherever they are in the world.

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