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Medical Masterclass Full Set 2nd Edition PDF

Medical Masterclass Full Set 2nd Edition PDF Free Download


This is one of twelve Medical Masterclass modules that are divided as follows: two cover the scientific background to medicine, one is devoted to general clinical issues, one to emergency medicine and practical procedures, and eight cover the range of clinical specialties. This module contains a variety of clinical presentations common to Neurology, Ophthalmology and Psychiatry. The case studies are used to highlight the clinical approach, history taking and examination, differential diagnosis, investigations and management. The diseases, treatments, investigations and practical procedures specific to those cases are then discussed in the form of structured notes. This module also includes a self-assessment section, and there are numerous full colour illustrations to support the text. Colour-coded boxes and icons are used throughout to highlight key information, clinical pointers, notes of particular significance, warnings and useful tips. Medical Masterclass is produced by the Education Department of the Royal College of Physicians of London and published by Blackwell Publishing. The complete Medical Masterclass is comprised of twelve paper-based modules, two CD-ROMs and a companion website. Its aim is to help doctors in their first few years of training and to improve their medical skills and knowledge. It will also be useful in preparing for the MRCP (UK) exam.

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