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Medical Mycology Cellular and Molecular Techniques PDF

Medical Mycology Cellular and Molecular Techniques PDF Free Download

Medical Mycology Cellular and Molecular Techniques PDF Free Download

Medical Mycology: Cellular and Molecular techniques is aclear and concise overview of the subject that details thetechniques essential for ongoing research in the area. Drawingtogether contributions from both scientists and clinicians workingin the field, the text will provide a valuable perspective on theapplicability of specific techniques to patient care.

A wide range of molecular, immunological and cytologicaltechniques are discussed throughout, with the inclusion of protocolsection in each chapter designed to provide both a background aup-to-date account of the applications of each procedure. Everytechnique is fully referenced and illustrations are provided whererequired to enhance student understanding.

  • comprehensive introduction to the key techniques critical tothe study of medical mycology
  • clear explanation of how each technique is applied in thelab
  • contributions from internationally recognised experts in thefield
  • outlines the background to many techniques required for thesuccessful completion of a research project

An invaluable reference for students of microbiology,biochemistry and molecular biology as well as postgraduates andresearchers in the field of medical mycology looking for anup-to-date overview of the latest laboratory techniques.

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