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Microbiota in Health and Disease PDF

Microbiota in Health and Disease PDF Free Download

Microbiota in Health and Disease PDF Free Download

Human Gut Microbiota in Health and Disease: From Pathogenesis to Therapy is a comprehensive discussion of all the aspects associated with gut microbiota early colonization, its development and maintenance, and its symbiotic relationship with the host to promote health.

Chapters illustrate the complex mechanisms and metabolic signalling pathways related to how the gut microbiota maintain proper regulation of glucose, lipid and energy homeostasis and immune response, while mediating inflammatory processes involved in the etiology of many chronic disease conditions. Details are provided on the primary etiological factors of chronic disease, the effects of gut dysbiosis and its associated disease conditions, while providing an overview of therapeutic strategies involving dietary fiber and prebiotics, fecal microbiota transplantation therapy and probiotics. Throughout the chapters, a comprehensive review of peer-reviewed animal and human studies is provided as evidence related to the history of human exposure, safety, tolerance, toxicity, nomenclature, and clinical efficacy of utilizing prebiotic fructans, s, as well as probiotic intervention, and dietary modification in the prevention and intervention of chronic disease conditions.

With common use today of pharmaceutical medicine in treating symptoms, and frequent overuse of antibiotics in chronic disease within mainstream medical practice, understanding the etiological mechanisms of dysbiosis-induced chronic disease, and natural approaches that offer prevention and potential cures for these diseases is of vital importance to overall human health.

  • Details the complex relationship between human microbiota in the gut, oral cavity, urogenital tract and skin as well as their colonization, development and impact of factors that influence the relationship
  • Illustrates the mechanisms associated with dysbiosis-associated inflammation and its role in the onset and progression in chronic disease
  • Provides the primary mechanisms and comprehensive scientific evidence for the use of dietary modification, and pro- and pre-biotics in preventing and intervening in chronic disease
  • Microbiota in Health and Disease PDF Free Download,
  • Microbiota in Health and Disease Free Ebook,
  • Microbiota in Health and Disease PDF
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