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Midwifery at a Glance PDF

Midwifery at a Glance PDF Free Download

Midwifery at a Glance PDF Free Download

Midwifery at a Glance offers an easy-to-read yet comprehensive overview of everything a midwifery student needs to know, from conception to care of the newborn.

This practical guide provides coverage of normal pregnancy, maternal and foetal physiology, and pre-existing medical conditions and how these affect pregnancy and birth. It also features vital information on the role of the midwife, evidence-based practice, health promotion education, and perinatal mental health, as well as neonatal care and an overview of emergency situations.

Midwifery at a Glance:

  • Contains superb full colour illustrations throughout
  • Is written specifically for midwifery students and includes all the concepts found on the midwifery curriculum
  • Demonstrates links with other relevant multidisciplinary healthcare professionals

Midwifery at a Glance is the ideal guide, offering educational support for midwifery students in the application of midwifery knowledge into clinical practice.

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