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Why Millions Survive Cancer PDF

Why Millions Survive Cancer PDF Free Download

Why Millions Survive Cancer PDF Free Download

More than 12 million cancer survivors just in the United States alone are alive today as a result of the extraordinary advances in science and medicine. In Why Millions Survive Cancer, Lauren Pecorino illuminates the enormous recent progress in fighting cancer, painting an intriguing portrait of scientific breakthroughs, the leading scientists behind these key discoveries, and the steps that we can all take to reduce our exposure to cancer.

The struggle against cancer has been long and difficult, but as Pecorino shows, the tide is changing, and changing rapidly. Treatments are becoming gentler and more effective. Many newly developed drugs have fewer side effects and can be administered as a pill rather than intravenously, giving patients a better quality of life. Better response rates are occurring for treatments that are targeted against the genetic characteristics of a tumor. Advances in instrumentation, robotics and imaging have led to more precise and less invasive surgical procedures. And public awareness about carcinogens is spreading and, increasingly, people are avoiding cigarettes, alcohol, and excessive exposure to the sun. As Pecorino discusses these exciting new developments, she provides readers with fascinating accounts of medical research and the discoveries we have made about the nature of cancer and the ways we can defeat it. For instance, we learn the stories behind such important new drugs as Avastin, Gardasil (the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine), Herceptin, and Gleevec, the development of which unfolded “like a fairy tale with a happy ending.”

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  • Why Millions Survive Cancer PDF
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