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Modern Thoracic Oncology In 3 Volumes PDF

Modern Thoracic Oncology In 3 Volumes PDF Free Download

Modern Thoracic Oncology In 3 Volumes PDF Free Download

Over the past nearly two decades, thoracic oncology has evolved into a highly complex oncologic subspecialty. Elaborate multimodality treatment regimens utilizing chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and increasingly more complex biological agents, including targeted and immunologic therapies are now standard for a group of malignancies that themselves have become more complex due to increasingly detailed and discriminating staging and genetic evaluation standards. A rapidly advancing knowledgebase has led to dramatic improvements in individualized or “personalized” care; but the myriad of rapid changes also have created a challenge for oncologists to comprehend and incorporate into daily practice. This staggering rapidity of change highlights the need for a comprehensive thoracic oncology textbook designed to be frequently updated in order to keep clinicians, be they pulmonologists, pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, or gastroenterologists, up-to-date in the most current care. Modern Thoracic Oncology utilizes a strategy designed to overcome the traditionally slow production timeline of textbook publication to keep abreast of the pace of change. To overcome this hurdle, we have recruited world experts, who have agreed to author a very small and concise topic (rather than a whole book chapter) so that the information can be frequently updated, reviewed, and published rapidly — thereby keeping this book relevant and current. Whether one desires information regarding lung cancer screening, esophageal cancer staging, mutational analysis, targeted therapies, stereotactic ablative radiation with real-time imaging, minimally-invasive and robotic surgery, combination immunotherapy, microwave/cryoablation, or methods of early cancer detection, we have endeavored to encompass all of the latest information in the field of thoracic oncology. With frequent future updates, we hope that this ambitious reference textbook will become your sourcebook for thoracic oncology.

Readership: Medical residents, thoracic oncologists in training.

  • Modern Thoracic Oncology In 3 Volumes PDF Free Download,
  • Modern Thoracic Oncology In 3 Volumes Free Ebook,
  • Modern Thoracic Oncology In 3 Volumes PDF
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