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MRI in Practice 5th Edition PDF

MRI in Practice 5th Edition PDF Free Download

MRI in Practice 5th Edition PDF

The MRI in Practice brand continues to grow from strength to strength. The fourth edition of MRI in Practice is an international best-seller and is translated into several languages. At the time of writing, the accompanying MRI in Practice course is 26 years old. We have delivered the course to more than 10 000 people in over 20 countries and have a large and growing MRI in Practice online community. Our readers and course delegates include a variety of professionals such as radiographers, technologists, radiologists, radiotherapists, veterinary practitioners, nuclear medicine technologists, radiography students, postgraduate students, medical students, physicists, and engineers. The unique selling point of MRI in Practice has always been its user-friendly approach to physics. Difficult concepts are explained as simply as possible and supported by clear diagrams, images, and animations. Clinical practitioners are not usually interested in pages of math and just want to know how it essentially “all works.” We believe that MRI in Practice is so popular because it speaks your language without being oversimplistic. This fifth edition has had a significant overhaul and specifically plays to the strengths of the MRI in Practice brand. We have created a synergy between the book and the course so that they are best able to support your learning. We purposefully focus on physics in this edition and on essential concepts.
It is important to get the fundamentals right, as they underpin more specialist areas of practice. There are completely new chapters on MRI equipment and safety, and substantially revised and expanded chapters on gradient-echo pulse sequences, k-space, artifacts, and angiography. The very popular learning tips and analogies from previous editions are expanded and revised. There is also a new glossary, lots of new diagrams and images, and suggestions for further reading for those who wish to delve deeper into physics. The accompanying website includes new questions and additional animations. We also include some equations in this edition, but don’t worry: they are there only for those who like equations, and we explain what they mean in a user-friendly style.

  • MRI in Practice 5th Edition PDF Free Download,
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  • MRI in Practice 5th Edition PDF
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