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Neuroanatomy Draw It to Know It PDF

Neuroanatomy Draw It to Know It PDF Free Download
Neuroanatomy Draw It to Know It PDF

MY NEUROANATOMY MENTOR, the late Dr. William DeMyer, often remarked, “if you can’t draw it, you don’t know it.” His teaching method was straightforward: to learn the structures and fiber pathways of the nervous system, draw and re-draw them, and when you think you know them well, draw them some more. This book tries to emulate his approach. It is written in an instructive rather than a didactic manner so that we use the material to learn it. The analogy is simple: if you want to become a table expert, put one together. Invariably, you will screw the legs on backwards and hammer on the top upside down first, but how else will you learn about the washers and wing-nuts, bolts and fillets that fasten one together? How else will you understand what makes a table strong or learn its weak points and the ways to improve upon one? Reading about tables will never teach you: you have to put one together, yourself. With this book, we will trace nerve pathways down our limbs, demonstrate eye movements and vestibular directionality with our hands, palpate sensory distributions and muscle patterns across our face and body, imagine cognitive sensory deficits, and rigorously draw and re-draw the structures and pathways of the nervous system until they become second nature. The text is comprehensive but pearls of neuroanatomy are highlighted for those who are short on time. Anatomic and radiographic images accompany the figures to clarify what the drawings cannot. Synonymous terms are listed to mitigate confusion; inter-textual discrepancies are brought to attention; and historical and current contexts for the anatomical structures are discussed. In short, this book provides the tools you need to learn neuroanatomy in a practical and complete way so that you can use it at the bedside. I apologize to readers who are unable to perform exercises in this book due to physical impairments. If you have trouble imagining them, please write to me and I will gladly try to find alternative exercises for you. Neuroanatomy is hardly simple but it should always be fun, so let’s enjoy this trip through the nervous system and every trip back through it.

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