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Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade Cranial PDF

Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade Cranial PDF Free Download
Neurosurgery Tricks of the Trade Cranial PDF

In the ever-evolving field of neurosurgery, there are several technical publications available that discuss operative nuances, outcomes of series and results, etc. However, few explain the exact step by step know-how of the way in which to perfonn a specific procedure In a condse yet well-illustrated fonnat so that a novice neurosurgeon can understand it and be more comfortable in addressing the task at hand There is a great need for a didactic text to dearly break down and explain the steps of each of the main procedures. The goal of this publication is to compartmentalize cranial neurosurgical procedures as much as possible Into criteria such as patient selection, preparation, key steps, and potential pitfans and complications. However, through the writing and editing of this book, we quicldy noted that when managing neurosurgical patients, the pathology at hand is just as important as its location within the nervous system with regard to deciding on which approach to take and devising its most optimal treatment. For example, when looking at temporal lobe pathologies, a temporal hematoma may be managed via a pterional craniotomy, whereas a temporal high-grade glioma may be managed via a stereotactic biopsy followed by stereotactic radiosurgery, whereas a temporal-located aneurysm (such as laterally pointing perlcllnoldal aneurysm) may require a cranioorbitozygomatic skull base approach or may be managed through endovascular coiling. For these three pathologies located in the exact same place within the nervous system, at least five completely different approaches for their treatment exist. We realized in the early stages of the writing of this book that general conditions treated by neurosurgeons cannot be as easily and homogeneously compartmentalized. In certain cases, there needs to be some discussion about pathophysiology as well as treatment options. In other cases, there needs to be a discussion about three or four potential different approaches for the same condition. Certain procedures, however, may be more easily organized in a standard way. For this reason, we have devised two organizational schemes in which to write chapters: Chapters are based on an approach or a pathology pattern, depending on the topic discussed.

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