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Neurotrophic Factors PDF

Neurotrophic Factors PDF Free Download

Neurotrophic Factors PDF Free Download

This volume clearly synthesizes current information on defined neurotrophic factors, emphasizing their localization and molecular/cellular function in the central nervous system. Brain development and aging, neurodegenerative disorders, plasticity, and memory all are closely examined within the context of this rapidly expanding field. Researchers in neurobiology, cell biology, and molecular biology will find Neurotrophic Factors an invaluable reference for their research libraries.

  • Offers the most up-do-date synthesis of concepts on neurotrophic factors in the nervous system
  • Integrates molecular, cellular, and neuroanatomical concepts of neurotrophic factor function
  • Includes special chapters on primary, secondary, and tertiary messenger systems
  • Examines brain development, differentiation, neurodegenerative disorders, and adult plasticity
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