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Nursing Children and Young People with ADHD PDF

Nursing Children and Young People with ADHD PDF Free Download

Nursing Children and Young People with ADHD PDF Free Download
ADHD is one of the most commonly diagnosed behavioural disorders in children and young people. It is a complex and contested condition, with potential causes and treatments in the biological, the psychological and the social domains. This is the first comprehensive text for nurses and other health professionals in this field. Nursing Children and Young People with ADHD explores the evidence, incorporating and expanding on the new NICE guidelines for practice in this area, to provide an essential knowledge base for practice. The text covers: causes, diagnosis, comorbidity, user and carer perspectives, assessment, treatment and interventions (including those suitable for use in schools), nurse prescribing and the legal background. Covering topics such as basic descriptions of ADHD, context specific interventions in schools and more detailed information about pharmacology, it is hoped that this book will be of interest to the family of nursing professions and others. Appealing to a wide audience, it will be an invaluable text for pre-registration student nurses on mental health and children branches. This will also be a useful reference work for post-registration nurses and health professionals seeking evidence-based recommendations for practice.

Nursing is already making an important contribution to the services for children with ADHD. The last decade has seen a rapid increase in service provision in the UK. In many areas there are now dedicated NHS clinics and different health disciplines are working well together; in most areas there has been better access for children to supervised medication. There are many different local styles of organisation and much remains to be done, but it is good to see how quickly services have advanced. The involvement of nurses has been a highly valued development. ADHD is many things and can be seen in many ways – as this book makes clear – but it is certainly a condition that imposes persistent impairment of function on some children. The model of chronic disability works well, and the nursing disciplines have a grand tradition of helping people to cope with disabilities. Nurses have improved access, provided treatment more effectively and demonstrated a long-term commitment to care.

Nursing Children and Young People with ADHD PDF Free Download, Nursing Children and Young People with ADHD PDF Ebook Free