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Obesity Treatment and Prevention PDF

Obesity Treatment and Prevention PDF Free Download

Obesity Treatment and Prevention PDF Free Download

Both practical and comprehensive, this long-needed book provides a clear framework for the assessment, treatment, and prevention of eating disorders and obesity. Focusing on best practices and offering a range of current techniques, experts in the field examine these life-threatening disorders and propose treatment options for diverse clients experiencing problems related to eating, weight, and body image. This text, written specifically for counselors, benefits from the authors’ collective expertise and emphasizes practitioner-friendly developmental and wellness-based approaches that counselors can implement in their daily practice as they enhance their counseling competence in this area.

Parts I and II of the text address risk factors in and sociocultural influences on the development of eating disorders, gender differences, the unique concerns of clients of color, ethical and legal issues, and assessment and diagnosis. Part III explores prevention and early intervention with high risk groups in school, university, and community settings. The final section of the book presents a variety of treatment interventions, such as cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, dialectical behavior, and family-based therapy, which are empirically supported and have been used successfully in a variety of clinical settings.

  • Obesity Treatment and Prevention PDF Free Download,
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  • Obesity Treatment and Prevention PDF
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