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Olfaction and Taste XI PDF

Olfaction and Taste XI PDF Free Download

Olfaction and Taste XI PDF Free Download

In this compendium of current studies on olfaction and taste – the most comprehensive yet to appear in this series – the chemical senses are elucidated from points of view ranging from anatomy, electrophysiology, molecular biology (especially chemoreceptor gene cloning), biochemistry, and psychophysics to the latest clinical and technological applications of chemosensory research. Specific topics include the structure and function of the tastebud and olfactory epithelium; the genetics and mechanisms of olfactory and taste transduction; the chemistry and function of flavor compounds; the psychophysics of taste and olfaction in daily human life; the brain mechanisms of coding, learning, and memory in olfaction and taste; the clinical assessment of taste and olfaction with special reference to aging and disorders; noninvasive measurements of human olfactory and taste responses for therapeutic purposes; artifical sensing devices; chemoreception in aquatic organisms and other species; and chemosensory transduction in insects. With its multidisciplinary approach, this volume will be an invaluable source of information not only for researchers, clinicians, and students but also for technologists in fields such as artificial sensing, perfumery, brewery, food chemistry, aquafarming, and agriculture.

  • Olfaction and Taste XI PDF Free Download,
  • Olfaction and Taste XI Free Ebook,
  • Olfaction and Taste XI PDF
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