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Operative Pediatric Urology 2nd Edition PDF

Operative Pediatric Urology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Operative Pediatric Urology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Welcome to the second edition of Operative Pediatric Urology, first edited by J. David Frank and Herbert Johnston in 1990. Some chapters have remained the same, some have undergone major revision and new chapters particularly relating to continent diversion and the Mitrofanoff procedure have been added. We have omitted chapters on laparoscopic and most endoscopic procedures because in our view they are better learnt using videos rather than pictorial representations. As in the first edition, urological procedures that are technically similar for all ages, such as renovascular surgery and the surgery for renal calculi, have not been included. An exhaustive description of every means of correction of the various lesions discussed would have led to the production of a multivolume encyclopedia. For that reason we have again asked expert contributors to describe the methods they have found to be most successful and therefore to be recommended to others.
An essential contribution to this book is that of our principal artist Philip Wilson who has again produced wonderful drawings often based upon inadequate information from the relevant surgeon! He was helped on this occasion by Gillian Oliver. We are truly indebted to them both. As always, the production of textbooks undergoes a lengthy gestation and this edition is no exception. We have worked with various commissioning editors and even had a change of publishers before finally reaching term. Ultimate delivery was carried out by Sue Hodgson and Kim Benson. We are grateful to them and their colleagues for their endurance and continued enthusiasm. We would also like to thank Mrs Carole Bisouth for all her help in the production of the manuscripts. It was with great sadness that we learnt of John Duckett’s untimely and unexpected death during the preparation of this book. We have taken the liberty of retaining his chapter on hypospadias surgery that he so kindly updated for us as the best way of paying our respects to a truly great figure in pediatric urology.

Operative Pediatric Urology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download, Operative Pediatric Urology 2nd Edition PDF Ebook Free