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Oral Cancer 1st Edition PDF

Oral Cancer 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Oral Cancer 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Oral Cancer: Diagnosis, Management, and Rehabilitation provides readers with a systematic review of the diagnostic
and treatment principles that maximize the outcomes of patients who have been
diagnosed with oral cancer. Written by authorities in the fields of head and
neck surgical oncology, radiation oncology, reconstructive surgery, dentistry,
and oral and maxillofacial surgery, this textbook provides clinicians with a
unified management philosophy that is firmly based upon the best available
evidence in the peer-reviewed literature. In-depth clinical reviews of preferred
treatment approaches and reconstructive techniques for each oral mucosal site
facilitate the development of effective treatment strategies that are tailored
to the location and extent of the lesion. The book describes the
interrelationship between the site of oral cancer involvement and its impact on
outcomes, such as local-regional cancer control and quality of life following


  • Insightful reviews of controversial clinical issues,
    such as the management of early mandibular invasion and the clinically
    negative neck
  • Step-by-step descriptions of surgical techniques which
    improve access to particular regions of the oral cavity, permit the resection
    of tumors with minimal morbidity, and result in optimal reconstructive
  • Exhaustive coverage of topics that have heretofore
    received limited attention in textbooks devoted to oral cancer, including the
    evaluation and management of oral premalignant lesions, osseointegrated
    implantation and dental implant imaging, and orofacial pain
  • Educational photographs and illustrations highlighting important teaching points and critical nuances in surgical technique

Ideal for reading cover-to-cover, this book is both an indispensable
reference for experienced clinicians and an essential educational tool for
residents and other members of the multidisciplinary oral cancer

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