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Oral Medicine and Pathology at a Glance PDF

Oral Medicine and Pathology at a Glance PDF Free Download
Oral Medicine and Pathology at a Glance PDF

At a Glance books are used by students as introductory texts at the start of a course, or for revision purposes in the run up to examinations. The premise of the series is that the books should cover core information for undergraduates – and this information is broken down into “bite-size chunks”. The books will therefore be the foundations for use in practice. Oral medicine and pathology are subjects which vary across the world in their autonomy, strength, and official recognition, and whose remit varies somewhat from the treatment of oral diseases in ambulatory patients to the care of patients with a wide range of medical and surgical disorders. Oral diseases are seen worldwide, and with increasing global travel and migrations, conditions more common in the tropics are now seen in most countries. The aim of this book is to offer an overview of aspects of oral medicine and pathology, with an emphasis on oral health care provision in general practice. Intended outcomes are that, having read this book, readers should be more aware of the immediate steps needed to make the diagnosis and arrange patient management. The authors are specialists and teachers in oral medicine and pathology from two continents, Europe and the Americas, whose focus ranges from mainly in oral medicine to largely in oral pathology, whose experience covers all these conditions and have between them taught in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Antipodes. The authors have a common philosophy of recognizing that the mouth is only part of the patient; that prevention and early diagnosis are crucial; that care of the patient is not simply attention to the oral problem; that patients should be empowered in their health care; and that the care is best delivered by a multidisciplinary team, of which oral health care providers are an integral and important part. The book includes the most important conditions in oral medicine and pathology (those causing pain or affecting the mucosae, salivary glands, or jaws) essential for students – those that are most common and those that are dangerous or even potentially lethal, and is intended to represent current practice at most major centers across the world. The intimate connection with general medicine is highlighted by the various eponymous conditions highlighted in this book. Being restricted by size and cost, this book does not strive to be comprehensive or to include material that is usually covered in courses in Applied Basic Sciences or Human Disease, and does not include diseases of the teeth, or the basics of history taking – only specific relevant points in the text. Clinicians should bear in mind, however, that the history gives the diagnosis in about 80% of cases.

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