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Osteoarthritic Joint Pain PDF

Osteoarthritic Joint Pain PDF Free Download

Osteoarthritic Joint Pain PDF Free Download

Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disease associated withjoint pain and loss of joint function. It has an estimatedincidence of 4 out of every 100 people and significantly reducesthe quality of life in affected individuals. The major symptoms arechronic pain, swelling and stiffness; severe, chronic joint pain isoften the central factor that causes patients to seek medicalattention. Within the affected joint, there is focal degradationand remodelling of articular cartilage, new bone formation(osteophytes) and mild synovitis.

Several mechanisms are thought to contribute to osteoarthriticjoint pain. These include mild synovial inflammation, bone oedema,ligament stretching, osteophyte formation and cartilage-derivedmediators. Changes in joint biomechanics and muscle strength alsoinfluence the severity and duration of joint pain inosteoarthritis. Within the nervous system, the relativecontributions of peripheral afferent nociceptive fibres and centralmechanisms remain to be defined, and there is limited informationon the phenotype of sensory neurons in the OA joint. Importantly,there is no relation between clinical severity, as measured byradiographic changes, and the presence and severity of joint pain.Patients with severe joint pain may have normal joint architectureas determined by X-ray, whereas patients with considerable evidenceof joint remodelling may not have significant joint pain.Treatments for osteoarthritic joint pain include non-steroidalanti-inflammatory compounds, exercise, corrective shoes andsurgical intervention. There remains a critical need for improvedcontrol of joint pain in osteoarthritis.

This book brings together contributions from key investigatorsin the area of osteoarthritic joint pain.  It covers theclinical presentation of joint pain, the pathways involved in jointpain, osteoarthritis disease processes and pain, experimentalmodels and pain control. The discussions provide insights intothe nature of osteoarthritic joint pain, identify key studiesneeded to advance understanding of the problem, highlight possibleintervention points and indicate future pathways towards a bettertreatment of osteoarthritic joint pain.

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