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Ovarian Cancers 1st Edition PDF

Ovarian Cancers 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Ovarian Cancers 1st Edition PDF Free Download

This updated and expanded second edition offers a wealth of information to ease the physical and emotional suffering of women who have ovarian cancer. The expert authors include highly respected and experienced oncologists, gynecologic oncology nurse specialists, researchers, and ovarian cancer survivors. Throughout the book they emphasize the concepts of survivorship, or living life well in the face of daunting uncertainties, and self-determination: the right of each patient to be informed, involved, and in control of her care.

Detailed information on diagnosis and treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, pain management, and integrative medicine, constitutes a key feature of the book. Also covered in depth are image recovery, nutrition, pain control, and genetic testing. Women who have ovarian cancer share advice on coping with the life-changing disease and its treatments.

Offering candor, compassion, and hope, this remarkable book explains how to add quality to your life and take care of medical and social needs while living with ovarian cancer.

  • Ovarian Cancers 1st Edition PDF Free Download,
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  • Ovarian Cancers 1st Edition PDF
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