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Oxford Rheumatology Library PDF Free Download

Primary Sjogren’s syndrome is a rheumatic disease affecting around 0.1-0.2% of the adult female population and resulting in significant disability without adequate therapy. Diagnosis is often delayed and suggested therapies may not be optimal, and a multidisciplinary approach including rheumatologists, ophthalmologists, oral medicine physicians, and others is important to patient management.
This volume summarises current understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease, including advances in the genetics of Sjogren’s syndrome. Chapters cover disease mechanisms, clinical diagnosis and assessment, secondary Sjogren’s syndrome, the role of laboratory investigations, and imaging. A therapy-based section covers topical oral and ocular therapies, and the role of steroids and biologics are also addressed.
Sjogren’s Syndrome is a practical, concise pocketbook featuring summary tables, key points, and illustrations showing important mechanisms of disease and pathways of care. The book will be of interest to trainees in rheumatology, ophthalmology and oral medicine/surgery, specialist practitioners and therapists involved in the care of patients with Sjogren’s syndrome, and primary care physicians, dentists, and other specialists such as ENT physicians.

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