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Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology 4th Edition PDF

Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology 4th Edition PDF Free Download
Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology 4th Edition PDF

Th e science of rheumatology has progressed enormously since the third edition of the Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology was published in 2004. Th ere have been major developments in all the major subspecialities of rheumatology and rheumatologists are enjoying the fruits of the biotechnology revolution, with a cornucopia of biological agents in routine clinical practice or in development. In keeping with a new editorial team the content of the book has been thoroughly revised, while retaining the broad structure of the previous editions which were a distinctive feature of the book. Th e number of chapters has increased from 126 to 173, refl ecting the increasing breadth of knowledge. New chapters have been written refl ecting the changing face of rheumatology. We have expanded the imaging section to include separate chapters on each of the main modalities, and chapters on therapeutics cover the new biologic agents including areas that we foresee becoming mainstream during the life of the book. Textbooks of this size are oft en viewed in the modern electronic age of rapid revision as being ossifi ed and out of date before publication. We, however, believe, as do our publishers Oxford University Press, that textbooks still have a valuable place. Much of the corpus of knowledge contained within textbooks changes quite slowly; principles and practice of examination, clinical features of disease and assessment. Chapters on pathogenesis and treatment become outdated more quickly and we are planning a regular cycle of updates. In addition to completely revising text, we have introduced colour throughout the book. Electronic books have become widespread since the last edition and in addition to a print edition we are producing an online version, which is not merely the print version reproduced but has enhanced functionality with direct links to references, video images, and links between relevant sections. Th e ability to use video enables use of multislice MR and CT to be available and real time ultrasound. We owe a huge debt to the editors of the previous editions— David Isenberg, Peter Maddision, Patricia Woo, David Glass, and Ferdinand Breedveld—who assembled and produced three splendid editions. Th ey felt that the time had come, nearly a decade aft er the writing of the third edition, that a fresh editorial team was needed.

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