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Paediatrics A Core Text on Child Health 2nd Edition PDF

Paediatrics A Core Text on Child Health 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Paediatrics A Core Text on Child Health 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

The second edition has further developed the problem-based style which has proved popular with readers and which reflects actual clinical practice. We have made three main changes in the new edition. First, we have emphasised clinical skills, and this is reflected in the new opening chapter. Secondly, we have changed the format of the case studies so that each one is self-contained and can easily be read on its own, while acting as an aide-mémoire to the student on common clinical presentations. Thirdly, we have added self-assessment questions at the end of each section for students to use as a means of revision. All of the chapters have been updated and the coverage of common and important clinical problems has been extended. However, we have retained the original concept of the core curriculum with its focus on common and important conditions, rather than a catalogue of conditions more appropriate to postgraduate reference texts. Despite reducing the size of the book we have retained the integration of child health and child disease, and our new publishers have maintained the high quality of illustrations and summary features throughout the text.

It is a pleasure to join Professor David Hall in writing a foreword to the second edition of this book. As David highlights, the scope and focus for paediatrics has changed dramatically within a relatively short period of time. New problems and issues within paediatrics have emerged, not least in the field of public health within which there is (still) an unacceptable health inequalities gap between the health of poorer children and young people and their better off peers. There is a pressing need to develop health professionals with the knowledge and expertise to tackle the many issues within children’s public health, at both a strategic and policy level as well as in practice and at a practical level. This is a complex enterprise but one of the key challenges facing paediatrics for the future. Changes have also taken place in the boundaries between the different professions within the field of paediatrics, a trend that is set to continue for the future. The question of which professional group does what has become less important than questions of which individual has the right competencies and who is best placed to lead or deliver care for particular children and their families. Teamwork has always featured in the field of paediatrics and child health which has been a leader in the development of not only inter-professional teamwork but also the inclusion of the patient and their carers within the healthcare team as partners and co-decision makers. Teamwork will become increasingly pivotal to achieving successful future outcomes in paediatrics, since we are likely to see changes and different configurations within the health service in the future with a plethora of healthcare providers. Yet it is well documented that what children and families want and need is seamless care that is tailored to their needs rather than those of professional groups or healthcare institutions. This book provides a useful basis from which to view new perspectives in paediatrics (such as public health), coupled with its more traditional underpinnings including holistic care for the child and family, and teamwork to provide that care. It will be a valuable learning tool and reference point for the many professionals engaged in paediatric work, including nurses, midwives, health visitors, doctors, physiotherapists and social workers.

Paediatrics A Core Text on Child Health 2nd Edition PDF Free Download, Paediatrics A Core Text on Child Health 2nd Edition PDF Ebook Free