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Paediatrics Lecture Notes 9th Edition PDF

Paediatrics Lecture Notes 9th Edition PDF Free Download
Paediatrics Lecture Notes 9th Edition PDF

When Lecture Notes: Paediatrics began over 40 years ago, the notion of a weblink to watch a You-Tube video would have been science fiction. (Try ‘Inner life of the cell’ from Harvard and imagine trying to watch and believe this in 1973.) Looking back at the first edi-tion, it tells of: high mortality from Rhesus disease; life-threatening infections, since abolished by immunization; lead poisoning; frequent admissions for accidental ingestion of drugs, before childproof containers and blister packs; and ‘At present there is no cure for leukaemia…! Paediatrics and child health have come a long way. Children are 20% of the population and are seen in 40% of general practice consultations. We have again set out to focus on the core of the paediatric cur-riculum that every medical student should learn. We hope our book will also be useful to other health pro-fessionals who care for children, especially our col-leagues in advanced nursing roles. In this new edition we have advanced the use of information boxes indicating key points, practice points, treatment guides, learning logs, and web-based support material. Each chapter begins with a chapter map and suggests practical ways of gaining experience in paediatrics in the learning log at the end. This edition offers many updated and new sec-
tions, as well as new chapters in adolescent health, genetics, safe prescribing and careers in paediatrics. Students and teachers all want success in exami-nations. We have added more OSCE stations, along with OSCE tips at the end of each chapter, to be used alongside the section on Preparing for Clinical Examinations in Paediatrics and Child Health and the extended matching questions (EMQs). We hope you will find these useful. We have amended the book to give it what we hope will be an easy-to-follow structure: Part 1 takes you through the essentials you need to know at the out-set; Part 2 covers normal and abnormal from fetal life through to adolescence; then Part 3 moves to systems and specialties; and finally we explain in Part 4 what happens next – exams and (we hope) careers in pae-diatrics. We both used Lecture Notes when we were medi-cal students and it is a popular choice of text at home in the UK and abroad. We hope you will enjoy read-ing Lecture Notes during your paediatrics and that it will in some way contribute to still higher and better standards for children’s health during your careers in the next 40 years.
Simon Newell Jonathan Darling

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