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Parkinson’s Disease PDF

Parkinson’s Disease PDF Free Download

Parkinson’s Disease PDF Free Download

People diagnosed with Parkinson s disease (PD) have a new tool to help fight back against symptomatic progression. OhioHealth Delay the Disease creator and author David Zid, along with co-founder Jackie Russell offer a highly anticipated revised edition of their original book and DVD, Delay the Disease Exercise and Parkinson s Disease. Exercise is a powerful component in the broad spectrum treatment of this diagnosis. This manual and companion DVD (included) offers updated and new fitness agendas to provide symptom-specific exercises to help improve walking, balance, flexibility, strength, multitasking, fine motor, handwriting, facial expression and voice volume. Research from this program is demonstrating improvement in functional mobility, decrease in fall risk, and reduction in depression. This evidenced-based PD wellness program demonstrates exercises for all levels of functional ability. Research is supporting that regular exercise may positively impact symptomatic management by enhancing the process of neuroplasticity (the brain s ability to reorganize and rewire by forming new nerve connections). This book and DVD guides the user to perform PD-specific exercises at home. There are suggestions for a weekly fitness routine at all levels of ability, from chair-bound to those early in the diagnosis. As part of OhioHealth s renowned neuroscience program since 2013, Delay the Disease now has the benefit of expert neurologists support, and research support from the OhioHealth Research Institute. OhioHealth is a family of not-for-profit, faith-based hospitals and healthcare organizations in Ohio whose mission is to improve the health of those we serve. The best kind of exercise to perform are activities that you like to do, are rigorous for you, and are goal-directed. In other words, practice your weakness. If you have trouble walking, practice perfect walking. If you struggle with performing a series of tasks, practice multitasking. If your handwriting is small and illegible, practice filling a space with big handwriting. Repeat perfect movement over and over and the brain will relearn it. Aerobic activity is very important in this process. It appears that the brain can best relearn a motor activity immediately after the heart rate is elevated. So make sure that you get some cardio work in every day; either in short bursts or for a prolonged period of 20-30 minutes. Use this book and DVD set to make your exercise routine task-specific, intense, regular and challenging. No matter how long you have been diagnosed, it is never too late to start exercising your ability to fight back, and never too early.

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