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Patient Expectations PDF

Patient Expectations PDF Free Download

Patient Expectations PDF Free Download

Strategies for Building Satisfying Patient Relationships

New England Healthcare Assembly

This book fills a huge void in the areas of medical education andthe delivery of patient service. The clear advice about how toidentify and respond to patient needs and preferences is essentialreading for physicians and those who work with them. If thepersonal rewards of medicine are important to you, read thisbook.

–Joseph A. Lieberman, III, chairman, department of family andcommunity medicine, clinical professor of family medicine, ThomasJefferson University

This important resource describes how to develop the qualities ofunderstanding, empathy, and compassion that help to meet and exceedpatient expectations. Managing Patient Expectations is filled withrealistic and cost-effective strategies for maintaining patientsatisfaction, creating loyalty, and increasing referrals. SusanKeane Baker explains how to find out what patients really think andhow physicians can best respond in a variety of situations.Co-published with the Healthcare Assembly Press.

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