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Patient Navigation PDF

Patient Navigation PDF Free Download

Patient Navigation PDF Free Download

Authors JoAnn Perkins Smith, DNP, RN, OCN, and Melissa L. Teague, BSW, MSW, LCSW, draw from over twelve years of combined experience working with navigators, as well as from decades of work within the health care, social services, and criminal justice systems, to provide the ultimate resource for coordinating care.

This practical and exhaustive manual covers a wide range of topics within health systems navigation and care coordination. It provides not only an overview of its history and the skills necessary for success but also touches on other important issues like health promotion strategies, emotional considerations, and a self-help reference for the navigator. Rooted in the field of oncology navigation, the model designed and implemented by the authors has application in all areas of health care—both acute and chronic.

An invaluable resource written by people who know the system, Patient Navigation belongs in the hands of any health care or social services professional or student—or anyone who wants to know how to best advocate for themselves or a loved one.

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  • Patient Navigation PDF
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