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Pediatric Dermatology 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF

Pediatric Dermatology 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Pediatric Dermatology 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF Free Download

The fourth addition of pediatric dermatology represents a major advance in this series. We return to a 2-volume format to encourage usability, durability and longevity of the bindings. Each chapter has been extensively revised. The photographs have also been separately analyzed and revised. We continued to receive encouragement from colleagues throughout the world about continuing this series. We believe the fourth edition will meet the needs of worldwide readership. We continue to be indebted to the associated editors who, in fact, do the lion’s share of the editing. These include Drs. Bernice Krafchik, Anne Lucky, Amy Paller, Maureen Rogers and for the fourth edition we have added Dr. Antonio Torrelo. We should point out that Drs. Lucky and Torrelo have done the lion’s share of editing and augmenting the photographs for the fourth edition and we are very grateful for that input. The place of textbooks in medical education is becoming more controversial. Obviously electronic communications can be much quicker and up to date.

However, if you are looking for the advantage of distilled wisdom, wherein multiple authors and multiple editors collaborate for a wise synthesis, we believe that textbooks fill that role. We especially believe that Pediatric Dermatology does, in fact, represent that synthesis. Our goal is to have each chapter approved by the lead chapter author, the lead editor and the senior editor. Where this succeeds, the textbook succeeds. We continue to have inputs from most of the continents to include North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Such international contributions have greatly enhanced the text. We continue to be pleased with the layout pioneered in the third edition. This includes having references at the bottom of each page, which eliminates much of the page flipping needed to identify references in other textbooks. We greatly appreciate the coordination of multiple people at Elsevier, including Sharon Nash, Rachael Harrison and Claire Bonnett. We trust that the fourth edition will be helpful to physicians interested in the skin problems of children. We thank our families and the office staff who have helped us so greatly in producing this textbook. We thank our patients, from whom we have learned most of what we know in pediatric dermatology. We trust that this effort will continue to positively influence the quality of care for them and for other children.

Pediatric Dermatology 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF Free Download, Pediatric Dermatology 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF Ebook Free