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Pediatric Orthopedic Imaging PDF

Pediatric Orthopedic Imaging PDF Free Download

Pediatric Orthopedic Imaging PDF Free Download

This book is an indispensable reference for pediatric and musculoskeletal radiologists, as well as orthopedic surgeons. It offers in depth analysis of pediatric orthopedic imaging, covering normal and aberrant development as well as both common and unusual pediatric disorders.

Chapters on the spine, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist, hip and pelvis, lower extremity, and foot and ankle address site-specific congenital and acquired lesions. Subsequent chapters cover generalized orthopedic diseases such as neurofibromatosis and osteogenesis imperfecta, infectious processes, neuromuscular diseases, musculoskeletal tumors, trauma, and orthopedic procedures. The chapters review associated epidemiology, clinical presentation and evolution, treatment, and differential diagnoses, with in-depht analysis of imaging characteristics. With more than 1800 images, high-quality MRI, CT, and US examples complement the radiographs of a broad variety of musculoskeletal disorders.

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  • Pediatric Orthopedic Imaging PDF
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