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Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology PDF

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology PDF Free Download

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology PDF Free Download

Lipid Nanocarriers for Drug Targeting presents recent advances in the area of lipid nanocarriers. The book focuses on cationic lipid nanocarriers, solid lipid nanocarriers, liposomes, thermosensitive vesicles, and cubosomes, with applications in phototherapy, cosmetic and others. As the first book related to lipid nanocarriers and their direct implication in pharmaceutical nanotechnology, this important reference resource is ideal for biomaterials scientists and those working in the medical and pharmaceutical industries that want to learn more on how lipids can be used to create more effective drug delivery systems.

  • Highlights the most commonly used types of lipid nanocarriers and explains how they are applied in pharmacy
  • Shows how lipid nanocarriers are used in different types of treatment, including oral medicine, skin repair and cancer treatment
  • Assesses the pros and cons of using different lipid nanocarriers for different therapies
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