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Pharmacogenetics 1st Edition PDF

Pharmacogenetics 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Pharmacogenetics 1st Edition PDF Free Download

The study of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics focuses on how our genes and complex gene systems influence our response to drugs. Recent progress in the science of clinical therapeutics has led to the discovery of new biomarkers that make it technically easier to identify groups of patients which are more or less likely to respond to individual therapies. The aim is to improve personalised medicine – not simply to prescribe the right medicine, but to deliver the right drug at the right dose at the right time. This textbook brings together contributions from leading experts to discuss the latest information on how human genetics impacts drug response phenotypes. It presents not only the basic principles of pharmacogenetics, but also clinically valuable examples that cover a broad range of specialties and therapeutic areas. The first section of the book outlines critical concepts in pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, including genetic testing, genotyping technologies, and adverse drug effects. The next section discusses the legal, ethical, and social implications of pharmacogenomics. The second half of the book details many of the main therapeutic areas, including oncologic drugs, cardiovascular drugs, statins, drug-induced long QT syndrome, diabetes drugs, respiratory drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, rheumatoid arthritis drugs, obstetric drugs, psychiatric drugs, pain and anesthesia drugs, HIV and antiretroviral drugs, pediatrics, and fetal and neonatal medicine. This textbook is an invaluable introduction to pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics for health care professionals, medical students, pharmacy students, graduate students and researchers in the biosciences. RESOURCES @ • Link to the Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase • study guides • images from the book • discussion questions • content updates.

  • Pharmacogenetics 1st Edition PDF Free Download,
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  • Pharmacogenetics 1st Edition PDF
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