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Pharmacology Doping and Sports PDF

Pharmacology Doping and Sports PDF Free Download

Pharmacology Doping and Sports PDF Free Download

Drugs in Sport is the most comprehensive and accurate text on the emotive, complex and critical subject of doping and illegal performance enhancement in sport. Thoroughly updated in light of the latest World Anti-Doping Code and taking into account the latest regulations, methods and landmark cases, this seventh edition explores the science behind drug-use in sport, as well as its ethical, social, political and administrative context.

Introducing an increased focus on inadvertent doping, athlete-support personnel as key stakeholders in the doping process, societal drug-use, and the role of national governing bodies and anti-doping organisations, the book covers key topics including:

    • an assessment of the prevalence of drug-taking in sport
    • the latest doping control regulations stipulated by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
    • the science and side effects of each major class of drug used in sport
    • cutting-edge issues such as gene doping and biological passports
    • issues surrounding legal substances and ergogenic aids in supplements
    • medical and pharmaceutical services at major sporting events

Accessibly written, and supported throughout with illustrative case studies and data, Drugs in Sport provides a crucial and objective resource for students and researchers, athletes, sports scientists, coaches and athlete-support staff, journalists, sports administrators and policymakers, alike.

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