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Physical Therapy of Cerebral Palsy PDF

Physical Therapy of Cerebral Palsy PDF Free Download

Physical Therapy of Cerebral Palsy PDF Free Download

(2007 Independent Publisher Award Bronze Medalist, Health/Medicine/Nutrition category)

All children with cerebral palsy and other conditions that result in gross motor delays need help and reinforcement to learn basic motor skills, usually with assistance from a physical therapist. Because the degree of developmental delay varies greatly from child to child, a thorough motor evaluation is an important step before establishing a specific therapy plan.

This new guide, written by an experienced physical therapist, provides parents with a complete understanding of how the physical characteristics of cerebral palsy and similar conditions–muscle tightness and weakness, increased or decreased flexibility, abnormal reflexes, impaired sensory perception–affect a child’s ability to sit, crawl, stand, and walk.

With that foundation established, the book offers dozens of practical, easy-to-follow exercises that address specific areas of motor delay and development, including:
Head control;
Muscle tone;
Proper positioning;
Involuntary movements;
Stretching and flexibility;
Balance and coordination;
Strength training.

The exercises are illustrated with photos, and many present one or two variations, which take into account a child s preferences and skill level. Additionally, every chapter includes profiles of children in therapy, and a set of frequently asked questions on the chapter topic.

With Teaching Motor Skills, parents will be more knowledgeable about their child’s unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and better able to contribute to his motor development. As the book emphasizes, learning new skills depends upon many factors, including the reinforcement of at-home therapy and good cooperation and communication between a child s physical therapist and parents.

  • Physical Therapy of Cerebral Palsy PDF Free Download,
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  • Physical Therapy of Cerebral Palsy PDF
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