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Plasmids 1st Edition PDF

Plasmids 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Plasmids 1st Edition PDF Free Download

Explore the remarkable discoveries in the rapidly expanding field of plasmid biology

Plasmids are integral to biological research as models for innumerable mechanisms of living cells, as tools for creating the most diverse therapies, and as crucial helpers for understanding the dissemination of microbial populations. Their role in virulence and antibiotic resistance, together with the generalization of “omics” disciplines, has recently ignited a new wave of interest in plasmids.

This comprehensive book contains a series of expertly written chapters focused on plasmid biology, mechanistic details of plasmid function, and the increased utilization of plasmids in biotechnology and pharmacology that has occurred in the past decade.

Plasmids: Biology and Impact in Biotechnology and Discovery serves as an invaluable reference for researchers in the wide range of fields and disciplines that utilize plasmids and can also be used as a textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in biotechnology and molecular biology.

  • Plasmids 1st Edition PDF Free Download,
  • Plasmids 1st Edition Free Ebook,
  • Plasmids 1st Edition PDF
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