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Pocketbook of Clinical IR PDF

Pocketbook of Clinical IR PDF Free Download: A Concise Guide to Interventional Radiology

Pocketbook of Clinical IR PDF Free Download

Our decision to write this book began when we were medical students and were shadowing and completing IR electives. IR confronts the trainee with a steep learning curve, and our experience during those early days made that clear. While there were some IR resources available to help medical students get oriented to the specialty, they all tended to be procedure-oriented. The books we were reading fell short of providing the muchneeded context to make sense of the busy workings of the IR department. Though we could learn and follow the steps during a chemoembolization procedure, we had an obvious lack of understanding of the matter related to diagnosis of patients and management decisions that usually took place behind the scenes. In contrast, when we spent time rotating in a surgical oncology clinic, our preceptor (and soon-to-be mentor) Dr. Carl Schmidt at Ohio State University changed our view. He was an outstanding surgeon, compassionate with his patients, and dedicated to teaching.

Knowing our goals of pursuing IR in residency, he encouraged us to think about the management of oncology patients through the eyes of a clinician, and taught us to recognize the interplay of medical, surgical, and IR treatment for these patients. Later, while discussing our shared experience of that rotation, we experienced our ‘Aha!’ moment. We recognized that despite the technical nature of interventional radiology, it was incredibly important for trainees to understand the clinical context prior to investigating into the fundamentals of procedures. We decided to put this philosophy into action and write a book that reflected this thought process. As trainees ourselves, we also knew how important it was for us to keep it concise enough to be read before or during a rotation in IR. This book focuses on the clinical care of patients who undergo IR treatment. As far as the technical description of procedures are concerned, we have provided a concise summary in the form of ‘procedure boxes’ throughout the book. We believe that these to-the-point descriptions will help young interventional radiologists watch and participate in cases early in their training. Readers will get better at procedures as they progress by simply watching and handling more cases. Even the best books that describe how to do a procedure are no substitute for seeing and learning for yourself under the supervision of an attending or senior resident. For now, the goal of aspiring interventional radiologists should be to focus on familiarizing themselves with the tools, the lingo, and the general conceptual steps of IR procedures. To help them attain this, the first three chapters describe the workflow in the IR department, as well as the tools and equipment used.

Pocketbook of Clinical IR PDF Free Download, Pocketbook of Clinical IR PDF Ebook Free