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Post-Anesthesia Care PDF : Symptoms, Diagnosis and Management

Post-Anesthesia Care PDF Free Download

The initial hours after surgery are a critical time in the care of the surgical patient. Familiarity with the clinical presentation of perioperative complications is important to achieving optimal outcomes. By taking an approach to complications based upon signs and symptoms seen in the early post-operative period among adult patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery, this book aids the practitioner in the clinical management of surgical patients during the often turbulent hours after surgery. After a brief introduction to PACU organization, this manual discusses the common and most serious symptoms encountered in the post-operative patient, giving guidance on diagnosis of the underlying disorder and the treatment options available. The book also includes chapters dedicated to subspecialty patients, including patients requiring post-operative mechanical ventilation, pediatric patients, patients with implantable cardiac devices, morbidly obese patients and the complex pain patient. This practical manual is essential reading for all practitioners working in the PACU environment.

  • Post-Anesthesia Care PDF Free Download,
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  • Post-Anesthesia Care PDF
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