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Practical Forensic Microscopy PDF

Practical Forensic Microscopy PDF Free Download

Practical Forensic Microscopy PDF Free Download

Forensic Microscopy: A Laboratory Manual will provide thestudent with a practical overview and understanding of the variousmicroscopes and microscopic techniques employed within the field offorensic science. Each laboratory experiment has been carefullydesigned to cover the variety of evidence disciplines within theforensic science field with carefully set out objectives,explanations of each topic and worksheets to help students compileand analyse their results.

The emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of the analysisto enrich student understanding through hands on experience. Theexperiments move from basic through to specialised and have beendeveloped to cover a variety of evidence disciplines withinforensic science field. The emphasis is placed on techniquescurrently used by trace examiners.

This unique, forensic focused, microscopy laboratory manualprovides objectives for each topic covered with experimentsdesigned to reinforce what has been learnt along with end ofchapter questions, report requirements and numerous references forfurther reading. Impression evidence such as fingerprints, shoetread patterns, tool marks and firearms will be analysed usingsimple stereomicroscopic techniques. Body fluids drug and traceevidence (e.g. paint glass hair fibre) will be covered by a varietyof microscopes and specialized microscopic techniques.

  • Practical Forensic Microscopy PDF Free Download,
  • Practical Forensic Microscopy Free Ebook,
  • Practical Forensic Microscopy PDF
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