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Practical Management of Pain 5th Edition PDF

Practical Management of Pain 5th Edition PDF Free Download

Practical Management of Pain 5th Edition PDF Free Download

This, the fifth edition of the Practical Management of Pain, provides cutting-edge developments in pain medicine and reflects maturity of this medical specialty as it has progressed since earlier editions. As in the previous edition, the Editors represent the specialties of anesthesiology, psychology, and neurology that, together with physical medicine and rehabilitation and psychiatry, provide the core of pain medicine. In addition, we recruited Robert Hurley, MD, PhD, to join us as an editor. Rob brings an added perspective to the book. He is knowledgeable in the pharmacological management of acute and chronic pain, performs interventional techniques, and has conducted basic science pain research. The current edition retains the format of the previous volume. It includes sections on general considerations, basic aspects, evaluation and assessment, clinical conditions, pharmacologic, psychological, and physical medicine treatments, nerve block techniques, interventional techniques, and pain management in special situations.

The topics represent the multidisciplinary nature of pain medicine. Similar to the previous edition, the fifth includes an international group of authors, recognizing the scientific contributions of experts from around the world. We have expanded the number of chapters from 72 to 83 with the new chapters covering ultrasound-guided techniques in regional anesthesiology and pain management procedures. In addition to the suggested reading list, there is an extensive set of references in supplementary materials accompanying the published volume. This volume is intended for the diverse range of pain clinicians looking for applications in their daily practice, pain researchers seeking extensive background on relevant topics, fellows reviewing for the pain medicine boards, and residents who want a complete discussion of the breadth of the field. Each chapter provides practical applications of the various and diverse acute and chronic pain syndromes. Throughout the volume there are distillations of research on all relevant aspects of pain medicine, including current knowledge of mechanisms involved and strategies for assessing and treating patients with chronic pain. A project of this magnitude could not come to fruition without the efforts and assistance of a large number of people, and the result is truly a team effort. The contributors took time out of their busy academic, clinical, and administrative responsibilities to prepare their chapters. The editors spent an enormous amount of time finalizing the book. Our publishing team at Elsevier, led by Publishing Manager Michael Houston, Senior Content Developmental Specialist Joan Ryan, and Senior Project Manager Sharon Corell, did an excellent job of developing the book and keeping it on track. On a personal note, it is a delight to work with Michael Houston again as he was Dr. Benzon’s executive publisher in the first book that he edited, Essentials of Pain Medicine. We hope that you will agree that our collective efforts have resulted in an up-to-date, practical, and comprehensive volume worthy of your attention.

Practical Management of Pain 5th Edition PDF Free Download, Practical Management of Pain 5th Edition PDF Ebook Free