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Practical Transfusion Medicine Fifth Edition PDF

Practical Transfusion Medicine Fifth Edition PDF

The pace of change in transfusion medicine is relentless, with new scientific and technological developments and continuing efforts to improve clinical transfusion practice through patient blood management (PBM), which implores us to use the best available evidence when optimising pre-, peri- and post-operative management to reduce anaemia, prevent blood loss and reduce the need for transfusions. This fifth edition has become necessary because of rapid changes in transfusion medicine since the fourth edition was published in 2013. The primary purpose of the fifth edition remains the same as the first: to provide a comprehensive guide to transfusion medicine. This book aims to include information in more depth than contained within handbooks of transfusion medicine and yet to present that information in a more concise and approachable manner than seen in more formal standard reference texts. The feedback we have received from reviews and colleagues is that these objectives continue to be achieved and that this book has a consistent style and format. We have again striven to maintain this in the fifth edition to provide a text that will be useful to the many clinical and scientific staff, both established practitioners and trainees, who are involved in some aspect of transfusion medicine and require an accessible text.

We considered that this book had become big enough for its purpose, and the number of chapters has only been increased by one from 48 to 49. It is divided into seven sections that systematically take the reader through the principles of transfusion medicine, complications of transfusion, practice in blood centres and hospitals, clinical transfusion practice, PBM, cellular and tissue therapy and organ transplantation and development of the evidence base for transfusion. The final chapter on Scanning the Future of Transfusion Medicine has generated much interest, and it has been updated for this edition by three new authors.

Practical Transfusion Medicine Fifth Edition PDF

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