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Pre NEET Pediatrics PDF

Why should I change anything in your life till the time you decide to change yourself… Quran With the challenging task ahead in month of November and December with all the major exams within a period of 20 days, the committee has decided to release Pre NEET Pediatrics inclusive of DNB questions and important last minute revision points so that you are confident in attempting maximum questions in all the exams.This book has been written keeping in mind that maximum time taken to revise pediatrics is less than one day. All the best may God help you cross the bridge First line treatment for enuresis is behavioral therapy. It consists of rewarding the child for being dry at night, child should void before retiring and the use of conditioning devices (e.g. bed alarm that rings when the child wets a special sheet). • Consistent dry bed training with positive reinforcement has a success rate of 85% and bed and pad alarm systems have a success rate of approximately 75% with relapse rate that are lower than those with pharmacotherapy. • Pharmacotherapy is second line treatment and should be reserved for those patients who have failed behavioural therapy. Imipramine and desmopressin are two important drugs useful for enuresis. • Fast action of desmopressin (orally or intranasaly) suggests a role for special occassions when rapid control of enuresis is required. However, recurrence rate is very high. • Imipramine is associated with cardiac conduction disturbances and is deadly in overdose.

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