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Prevention of Oral Disease 4th Edition PDF

Prevention of Oral Disease 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Prevention of Oral Disease 4th Edition PDF Free Download

”Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12” is a combination of the series of twelve eBooks, ”Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 of 12” etc. up to 12 of 12 into one convenient Amazon Kindle, eBook. Dr. Garth Pettit, Author, Oral Health Care Educator wrote it to fulfil a mission begun in 1996: Prevent Oral Diseases in Children.

The author’s research led him to put the oral hygiene instruction Brush Your Teeth to a SWOT analysis which indicated it was a poor oral hygiene instruction. He created the instruction, Treat Your Mouth, later se-named it Treat Your Whole Mouth finally re-named it Paint Your Mouth….because children became thrilled and excited by the thought and wanted to ‘paint your mouth’.

Each of these eBooks is an oral health care education resource children themselves can read and understand but preferably teaching oral health and teaching oral disease prevention is best achieved with supervision by parents and, or educators.

This eBook illustrates through words and pictures the author’s “Paint Your Mouth” approach to oral hygiene which explains why kids find it much more appealing than being told to “brush [their] teeth.” Adding to the fun it is narrated by the author’s alter ego, the smiling, animated GarGar the Dentist and a menagerie of kid-friendly helpers of the SmileShine Gang, like Booksie Owl, Croc-O-Smile, Grinny Squirrel, and PadPaw the rabbit who, offer oral health tips and reminders.

Original songs such as “Mouth Painting I Will Go” sung to the tune of the familiar children’s song “A-Hunting We Will Go,” effectively and cleverly disguise learning, as do the Treat Stamps kids can earn for correctly answering questions. The book also includes drawings, quizzes, and other activities the SmileShine Gang encourages families to do together.

Woven into these games is the comprehensive healthcare information every young person—and adult—needs to prevent disease oral disease problems like tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and stained teeth. Among other topics, readers learn: the best food and drink options for better oral health; the types of bacteria that form in the mouth; what plaque is and how it forms; what causes bad breath and tooth decay; and the daily steps to the best oral hygiene.

Making good oral care something kids would want to do, while understanding why they need to do it is a key objective.

Written in a kid-friendly tone, it includes effective graphics. Sophisticated dental and medical information is presented in a simple manner. The final last ten chapters end with a printable “4 Your Smile to Shine” certificate of achievement.


”Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12” is recommended for adults and children alike. The list of FREE graphics for “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12” is:

•Front Cover of “My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album” in which can be kept the following FREE images

•All eBook Front Covers for this eBook and each Cover for the twelve single “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention” eBooks
•Download links for each image of GarGar The Dentist and The SmileShine Gang. A total of eight images which can be placed in “My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album” and/or in the bedroom, or on the wall, or on classroom walls or anywhere else
•Nine Certificates of Achievement for lessons 1 to 9 and a Certificate Of Oral Health Excellence for lesson 10
•My GarGar The Dentist Bedroom Poster for children which has a picture of GarGar The Dentist and each of the seven SmileShine Gang members and a gentle reminder to “Paint Your Mouth” 3 times each day

Australian Dental Association SA president Dr. Angela Pierce stated “The best investment anyone can make in oral health is in teaching and prevention….early intervention will lead to a generation of children who won’t be as reliant on dental care in the future.” Dr. Pierce after reviewing the Teaching Oral Disease Prevention eBook series stated: “…truly impressed with your

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  • Prevention of Oral Disease 4th Edition PDF
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