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Primary Health Care PDF : Theory and Practice

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General practitioners and other primary care professionals have aleading role in contemporary health care, which Trisha Greenhalghexplores in this highly praised new text. She provides perceptiveand engaging insights into primary health care, focussing on:

• its intellectual roots
• its impact on the individual, the family and thecommunity
• the role of the multidisciplinary team
• contemporary topics such as homelessness, ethnic health andelectronic records.

Concise summaries, highlighted boxes, extensive referencing anda dedicated section on effective learning make this essentialreading for postgraduate students, tutors and researchers inprimary care.

“Trish Greenhalgh is one of the international stars ofgeneral practice and a very clever thinker. This new book is awonderful resource for primary health care and general practice.Every general practice registrar should read this book and soshould every general practice teacher and primary careresearcher.”

Professor Michael Kidd, Head of the Department of GeneralPractice, University of Sydney and Immediate Past President of TheRoyal Australian College of General Practitioners

“This important new book by one of primary care’s mostaccomplished authors sets out clearly the academic basis forfurther developments in primary health care. Health systems willonly function effectively if they recognise the importance of highquality primary care so I strongly recommend this book to students,teachers, researchers, practitioners and policymakers.”

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