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Principles of Neurological Surgery 4th Edition PDF

Principles of Neurological Surgery 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Principles of Neurological Surgery 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Principles of Neurological Surgery is in its fourth edition because of the popular demand of our students. We are thrilled to see the previous editions being read by medical students, house officers, nurses, and practicing neurosurgeons. It is for these treasured students, young and old, novice and experienced, that this book is intended. It is to be used to guide both those learning and those teaching. We are most indebted to our patients for inspiring us to perform at our best every day and pass on this experience to the next generation. We hope this edition contributes to the modest goal of shaping more informed clinicians, ultimatdy for the benefit and safety of our patients. The world of medical education has evolved rapidly, and our students do not necessarily learn in the same manner we once learned. We have listened carefully to their constructive comments and presented a book that addresses their individual approach to learning basic neurological surgery principles. Scientific information is growing at an exponential rate. Thus, mastering the wide spectrum of neurological surgery is arguably even more challenging for the current generation of students than it was for our generation. A host of excellent encyclopedic neurological surgery reference texts currendy are available. Our work is intended to be a simpler, coherent, practical education tool. We hope it could be the sort of tool that students can use every day. We recognize that the internet and easily searchable peer-reviewed literature have often supplanted multivolume collections, so we took a different approach with this single volume text.

It is our goal to make the complex and broad spectrum of neurological surgery more comprehensible. The text was then combined with the beautiful renderings of highly skilled artists, organized tables, and pertinent photographs to ddineate both concepts and techniques. The authors added “Clinical Pearls” that sum up the critical bullet points of the chapters. The chapters are further supplemented with a section of “Sdected Key References” from the bibliography, which the authors bdieve are worthy of in-depth investigation. Furthermore, we have listened to our students’ desire for visual reinforcement and simulation to master psychomotor skills in the operating room. For that reason, we have included video clips for key operations. They can be downloaded from the Elsevier website and reviewed at any time from any location by those who desire to augment their understanding of the material. I am fortunate to be joined by two exceptional neurological surgery talents: Professors Sekhar (USA) and Kitchen (Great Britain). These two professors possess a keen eye for the critical dements of our field. They are internationally recognized as master educators, as well as technical virtuosos. Of course, the success of this book truly rests upon a team of world class contributing scholars, known for their specific expertise, with this edition drawing from them new contributions. The entire project was then overseen by a patient and experienced Elsevier editing team. I am deeply grateful to the authors, artists, and editors for the precious time and hard work invested in this third edition. They created a book with extraordinary visual appeal, containing accurate, evidence-based explanations, beautiful color illustrations, simple tables, illustrative photographs, and video highlights. It is our hope that this approach will be substantive, long lived, and enjoyable for our readers and beneficial to our patients.

Principles of Neurological Surgery 4th Edition PDF Free Download, Principles of Neurological Surgery 4th Edition PDF Ebook Free