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Problem Based Neurosurgery PDF

Problem Based Neurosurgery PDF Free Download

Problem Based Neurosurgery PDF Free Download

Problem Based Neurosurgery is a remarkable fusion of recent advances in neuro-imaging and neurosurgery with modern teaching of integrated system based curricula. It approaches each problem systematically from history, and physical examination to differential diagnosis, investigations and management options. The book captures four decades of advances and experiences in diagnosis and management of patients. The problems upon which the book is based are real patients and cover all aspects of neurosurgical practice with up to date modern images. The blend of new scientific discoveries, modern imaging and the art of smart history and physical examinations underpins the book to improve diagnosis, investigation and the care of neurosurgical patients. The main thrust of this book is that it is based on clinical problems faced by fellows, residents and students, rather than traditional topic based. Problem based learning and management is the modern method of teaching in the new curriculum of teaching neurosurgery. It is a practical handbook that will help students, residents and community doctors alike. There is no similar book on the market that fulfills the objectives of this handbook.

  • Problem Based Neurosurgery PDF Free Download,
  • Problem Based Neurosurgery Free Ebook,
  • Problem Based Neurosurgery PDF
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