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Professional Values in Nursing PDF

Professional Values in Nursing PDF Free Download

Professional Values in Nursing PDF Free Download

Nursing Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Advanced Practice, Second Edition is a comprehensive textbook focused on advanced practice nursing ethics. The text proactively addresses challenges that span specialty areas well as issues unique to these areas of practice. This is the only resource available that addresses the range of ethical problems that advanced practice nurses face.

Advanced practice nurses (APNs) share the same professional responsibilities that other practicing nurses do, however, given their expanded scope of practice they assume a role with greater responsibility. Advanced practice nurses are often the primary care givers for their patients but even when they are not, they assume total responsibility for some critical aspect of the patient’s care. For example, nurse anesthetists are accountable for the safe induction and recovery of their patients (this includes understanding the unique nature of individuals), and diabetic clinical nurse specialists are responsible for the education and management of their especially vulnerable population and for educating others.

This text is suitable for a graduate level audience as well as those pursuing a DNP level degree.

Key Features include:
Relevant case studies woven throughout the text that refer to content
Updated content on electronic media and privacy
In-depth coverage of international implications and laws
Strong emphasis on developing the DNP and other leadership roles in nursing
Revised Women’s Health Chapter
Additional content on Genetics and Genetic Testing
Updated End of Life and Palliative Care chapter
Adult health content includes information on gerontology

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