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Prostate Health In 90 Days EPUB

Prostate Health In 90 Days EPUB
Life was great back in the fall of 1990. At age 58, I was in a wonderful new relationship, awash with the excitement of a new love and sex life. I was living in my beautiful estate in Hawaii. Business was both exciting and profitable. As Chairman of the Public Transit Authority and numerous other public bodies, I was heavily involved in political and social issues, enjoying a high public profile. And my health seemed to be excellent.
But one day, out of the blue, urination became painful, and I found myself wanting to urinate a lot. My urologist quickly diagnosed the problem as prostatitis, a common infection of the prostate gland that can lead to inflammation, pain, fever, an excessive urge to urinate, and other problems. The doctor had me take antibiotics for three to four weeks, which immediately cleared up the symptoms, and slowly eliminated the infection.
It was pretty standard to have a blood test called the PSA following prostatitis, so I had one. The PSA test was fairly new back then so, like most people, I didnג€™t know that it stood for ג€œprostate-specific antigen.ג€ The PSA measures the blood levels of the agent that thins the ejaculate immediately after ejaculation in order to make the sperm more aggressive swimmers as they head for the ovum. Prostate-specific antigen is manufactured both by the prostate and by cancerous cells within the prostate. A score of 0 to 4 is considered normal and healthy. Anything over that is cause for investigation, suggesting either a very large prostate, prostate inflammation or infection, or prostate cancer. My PSA result was relatively high: 7.6.
I was frightened and upset by the result. I was also puzzled because my urologist, who had been examining me at least once a year for eighteen years, had been telling me all along that my prostate was quite enlarged and irregularly shaped. But he had also said this was very common. I reminded him that I had undergone an urgent prostate biopsy eighteen years ago, at his insistence. I asked him why, if my prostate had been enlarged and oddly shaped all this time, and if something had worried him enough to call for a biopsy, he had kept telling me that everything was OK. He replied, in effect, that he had been waiting for my prostate to deteriorate to the point that it would have to be surgically removed, because there is nothing else to do. This seemed incredible; moreover, it was unacceptable to me.
An elevated PSA only suggests that cancer may be present. In order to make a diagnosis, the urologist scheduled a prostate biopsyג€”my second. A biopsy is an uncomfortable procedure which, in 1990, was performed in the hospital on an outpatient basis, without anesthesia.
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