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Psoriasis PDF

It is with great pleasure that we present Psoriasis. This book is written for clinical and researchoriented dermatologists, dermatology registrars and residents, medical students, and non-physician scientists. The authors also wish to reach general practitioners, such as family and internal medicine specialists and subspecialists. For clinical dermatologists, this book provides a concise yet thorough review of the diagnosis and treatment of the many forms of psoriatic disease, to facilitate the evaluation and care of their patients. The text also discusses current concepts in the ever-expanding field of psoriasis pathophysiology, with up-to-date graphic illustrations of key concepts. Emerging concerns, such as systemic disease associations, quality-of-life issues, and psoriatic arthritis, are also reviewed in detail. For research-minded dermatologists, recent advances in basic science and clinical trial data are discussed. In addition, examples of well-known and validated assessment tools for psoriasis can be found in the Appendix. Readers should find helpful a chapter devoted to differential diagnosis, with juxtaposed images illustrating the main differentiating features between psoriasis and other dermatoses, common and uncommon. For interest, the authors also present a brief historical and epidemiologic discussion of the disease. We hope that non-dermatologists, such as general and family practitioners, internal medicine specialists, rheumatologists, and specialty nurses, will also find the book valuable, as a substantial number of psoriasis patients continue to visit non-specialists for diagnosis and treatment. New associations between psoriasis and systemic, comorbid conditions have recently been recognized and will play an important role in our further understanding of this complex disease. Knowledge of these will serve all physicians and health care professionals involved in the treatment of psoriasis, and their patients, well. For dermatology registrars and residents, this book lays a solid foundation for learning the various aspects of psoriasis, including clinical features, differential diagnoses, laboratory findings, and therapeutic strategy. The updated sections on pathogenesis will enhance their understanding of the molecular events underlying psoriasis pathophysiology and assist in preparation for their qualifying examinations. For medical students, this book opens a window to the intriguing world of skin disease with focus on psoriasis, a condition as pleomorphic and stigmatized as any other in dermatology. We hope to excite and encourage students to pursue further study in dermatology or even possibly a career.

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