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Quantitative Chemical Analysis 9th Edition PDF

Quantitative Chemical Analysis 9th Edition PDF Free Download

Quantitative Chemical Analysis 9th Edition PDF Free Download
Goals of This Book My goals are to provide a sound physical understanding of the principles of analytical chemistry and to show how these principles are applied in chemistry and related disciplines— especially in life sciences and environmental science. I have attempted to present the subject in a rigorous, readable, and interesting manner, lucid enough for nonchemistry majors, but containing the depth required by advanced undergraduates. This book grew out of an introductory analytical chemistry course that I taught mainly for nonmajors at the University of California at Davis and from a course for third-year chemistry students at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. What’s New? Beginning with dinosaur body temperature on the back cover of this book, analytical chemistry addresses interesting questions in the wider world. The facing page draws a connection between the back cover and underlying human achievement in physics that enables us to deduce body temperature from the isotopic composition of teeth.

The story of Maria Goeppert Mayer is a lesson for us all in how women in science were so poorly treated not so long ago. In this edition, the introduction to titrations has been consolidated in Chapter 7. Acidbase, EDTA, redox, and spectrophotometric titrations are still treated in other chapters. The power of the spreadsheet is unleashed in Chapter 8 to reach numerical solutions to equilibrium problems and in Chapter 19 to compute equilibrium constants from spectrophotometric data. Atomic spectroscopy Chapter 21 has a new section on X-ray fl uorescence as a routine analytical tool. Mass spectrometry Chapter 22 has been expanded to increase the level of detail and to help keep up with new developments. Chapter 27 has an extraordinary sequence of micrographs showing the onset of crystallization of a precipitate. Three new methods in sample preparation were added to Chapter 28. Appendix B takes a deeper look at propagation of uncertainty and Appendix C treats analysis of variance.

Quantitative Chemical Analysis 9th Edition PDF Free Download, Quantitative Chemical Analysis 9th Edition PDF Ebook Free